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Coding  Services

When it comes to Medical Coding, A&L Medical Billing and Coding keep up with correct coding guidelines (CPT and ICD-10), preventing denials, and ensuring the highest levels of clinical coding are met. With A&L knowledgeable team, we will achieve all goals with accuracy, reliability, integrity, and commitment.

A&L's team is comprised of 40 years of combined experienced coding professionals working with hospitals, clinics, urgent care, and specialty clinics, keeping up with the latest changes in procedures and diagnosis coding. We produce timely and organized coding results to meet deadlines and relieve coding compliance concerns.

Full and/or PRN Coverage. Remote Services.

With A&L Medical Billing and Coding, coding quality is improved across all record types, care settings, and coding nomenclatures. Coding and staffing services are available for facility, technical and professional components of medical record coding. Fully and/or PRN remote outsourcing through A&L also eliminates onsite space concerns and delivers flexible, around-the-clock coding support.

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