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Physician Billing Services

Avoid the costs and headaches of doing it yourself. Increase cash flow and reduce denials with our state-of-the-art submission and appeals system.

  • A&L Medical Billing and Coding Consulting are committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way by: 

  • Daily billing of insurance claims

  • Following up on unpaid claims

  • Denial management

  • Filing appeals when appropriate to obtain maximum reimbursement

  • Ensuring all claims are submitted daily with a goal of zero errors

  • Timely follow up on insurance claim status

  • Reading and interpreting an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)

  • Respond to inquiries by insurance companies

  • Resolve reimbursement issues or billing obstacles

Medical Billing Services 

**Physicians and physician groups, including: 
1. Allergy and immunology Billing Services
2. Anesthesiology Billing Services
3. Dermatology Billing Services
4. Diagnostic Radiology Billing Services
5. Emergency Medicine Billing Services
6. Family Medicine Billing Services
7. Internal medicine Billing Services
8. Medical Genetics Billing Services
9. Neurology Billing Services
10. Nuclear medicine Billing Services
11. Obstetrics and Gynecology Billing Services
12. Ophthalmology Billing Services
13.Pathology Billing Services
14. Pediatrics Billing Services
15. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Billing Services
16. Primary Care Billing Services
17. Psychiatry Billing Services
18. Radiation Oncology Billing Services
19. Outpatient Surgery Billing Services
20. Urology Billing Services
21. Home Health Agencies Billing Services
22. Providers Community-based social support providers Billing Services
23. Eye and Vision Services Providers Diagnostic providers (e.g., labs, independent imaging, radiology) Billing Services
24. Ancillary Service providers (e.g., chiropractors, speech and language pathologists, physical therapy, occupational therapy) Billing Services
25. Assisted Living Facilities Billing Services
26. Ambulatory Surgical centers Billing Services
27. Behavioral Health providers (e.g., psychiatric services, counseling, substance use disorder, inpatient psychiatric facilities, and substance abuse treatment centers) Billing Services
28. Outpatient Providers (e.g., urgent care, dialysis centers) Billing Services


Business Meeting

Accounts Receivable Management

Hospitals and Clinics

A&L Medical Billing and Coding Consulting, work closely with management, hospital, and clinics to ensure timely and accurate submission of insurance claims as well as facilitate effective follow-up and receipting of insurance claims with efficiency and exceptional results.

Dollar Bills

Payment Posting

Attention to Detail

A&L Medical Billing and Coding Consulting will provide services such as: 

  • Insurance carrier payments

  • Denials to patient accounts

  • Work on EFT's and ERA's

  • Transfer copay/coinsurance and deductible balances to patient responsibility

  • Post contractual adjustments to patient accounts

  • Ensuring the results you need and deserve.

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